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Frequently Asked Questions

Pistis School of Ministry was established to teach church doctrine and government and to train individuals in the mission field with practical training opportunities. The staff will share their knowledge and expertise about the majors functions within the ministry. These functions include the five-fold ministry, administrative functions, music ministry, helps ministry, and international and domestic missions.

What is Pistis School of Ministry - Online


Pistis School of Ministry (PSOM) is a two-year, non-accredited ministerial training program designed for individuals called to full-time ministry (i.e., Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, Missions, Helps, etc.).


Who is the founder of Pistis School of Ministry?


Bishop Keith A. Butler is the Founder and President of PSOM. Bishop Butler has 45 years of ministry experience. January 14, 2019, marks his 40th anniversary as Founder and Senior Pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center located in Southfield, Michigan. Through Keith Butler Ministries (KBM), he is taking faith to the world. Charged with a special mandate from the Lord for Eastern Europe and Africa, Bishop Butler is strengthening the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in these regions by hosting faith conferences, pastors’ training sessions, and establishing Word-based churches and ministry schools.  He also oversees 14 ministry operations in the United States and the Word of Faith Ministerial Alliance, which is a fellowship of pastors, ministers, and Christian leaders, who have received Bishop Butler as their spiritual father.


What is the mission of Bishop Butler’s ministry?


The mission of Bishop Butler’s ministry is, “Teaching the WORD, Doing the WORK, and Touching the WORLD.”  Pistis School of Ministry plays a vital role in achieving this mission. Many years ago, God gave Bishop Butler a mandate to train and raise up strong ministers to do the work of the ministry. And since 1989, this is what he has been doing. He has trained nearly a thousand students in the U.S. alone, and many of them are actively serving in full-time ministry in the States and abroad.


Who should attend Pistis School of Ministry?


Those who have recognized and accepted the call of God on their lives to serve in full-time ministry and desire ministerial training for that purpose.  This is not a program for the general laity.

What qualifications must be met to enroll in Pistis School of Ministry? 


Applicants must:


  1. have a definite born-again experience

  2. have been delivered one full year from alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, mental/psychological challenges and illicit relationships

  3. be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration

  4. must be a member of a local church

  5. must have two letters of recommendations (Ministerial & Christian Friend)


What makes Pistis School of Ministry different from other Bible schools?


First of all, PSOM is not a Bible school; we are a ministry training school. Most Bible schools primarily focus on teaching students biblical theology.  While PSOM seeks to educate students with sound doctrine and biblical theology, we also seek to equip students with essential ministry disciplines, ministerial ethics, and ministry protocols.  We believe it’s not just what happens in the pulpit that makes a ministry successful, but also what happens behind the scenes.


How much does the online program cost?


  • Formal Program: Each class costs $120.00 payable at the time of enrollment in the class. Cost does not include any textbooks required for the course.

  • Informal Program: Each class cost $150.00 payable at the time of enrollment in the class.  Cost does not include any textbooks required for the course.


What is the difference between the Formal Program and Informal Program?


  • The Formal Program is our structured program which requires you to take classes in a predetermined order.  Each course builds upon the information taught in the previous course to facilitate a more fruitful learning experience and retention of information.  Upon successful completing the two-year program, you will receive a Diploma.  We highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to get the most out of the program and to be fully trained by Bishop Butler for full-time ministry.

  • The Informal Program is our non-structured program that allows you the student to determine the order of the courses you take.  Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


How long does it take to finish the program?


The short answer is two years. At a pace of watching at least four videos a week, a person can complete the first year or second year courses in 10 months. 


How long is each course?


  • Each course varies in length. The number of videos per class can range between five to seventeen videos, depending on the subject matter.

  • Each video is between 50 minutes to 1 hour in length, with a few less than 50 minutes.


How are the courses structured?


Each course has video lessons that must be viewed, various grade requirements such as, homework assignments, papers, video presentations, group projects, quizzes, and exams.  Every course’s grading components vary.


How do I get started?


The first step is to complete the registration form online.



Is there a registration fee?


No. Registration is free.  However, after you have been accepted as a Pistis-Online student, you must enroll in your first class within 30 days, or you have to repeat the registration process, including Ministerial and Christian friend references.


How do I register?


  1. Visit us at and click on the “to register link” on the Registration & Enrollment page. 

  2. Then click on the yellow register button in the upper right-hand corner to begin the registration process. Answer all the questions in the questionnaire.  Any question that does not apply, please enter N/A.

  3. Hit the yellow register button at the end of the questionnaire to submit your form.

  4. You are all finished!

  5. Within 72 hours or less you will receive email notification of registration status and information about your next step.


When can I register? 


You may register at any time


Is there an application or interview process that I must go through?


No. Acceptance in the program is determined based on your registration information, Ministerial reference, and Christian friend reference.


How do I contact you?


For general information, send us an email at or call us at +1-248-353-3476, ext. 346.

If you believe you have been called to full-time ministry, we ask you to prayerfully consider enrolling in Pistis-Online.

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